4 Cohorts, 32 graduates, 6 organizations.

Courses built to help you realize your potential and build the professional skills that make life and work better.

We're extremely mindful about our programs. Our multi-disciplinary cohorts are made to inspire possibilities at the intersection of strategy, design, technology and social impact.
Our programs are built inclusive & diverse

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Specialized, affordable and practical courses that help you apply your skills in digital product development.

Program Cost Comparison Chart (Toronto)

You don't become a designer in 9 weeks, and our courses don't cost $10,000. Ci. programs provide ongoing professional development to achieve your goals.
ProgramsLengthOur CostsBitmakerHackerYou!BrainStationGeorge BrownSheridan
12 wks$2,500 or PT $1,250Signup $10,500 or $2,750 for 6 weeks$2,500 for 6 weeks$14k or $2,900 for 6 weeks$2,200 for 6 weeks$10,370 full-time
Product Design
12 wks$2,500 or PT $1,250Register$2,750 for 10 weeks$2,900 for 6 weeksnot offerednot offerednot offered
Applied Design
12 wks$3,750Applynot offerednot offerednot offerednot offered$12500

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is rooted in mastering processes and excelling at the skill-sets to achieve success.

All courses are open to individuals & teams via workshops and professional development. Request a full curriculum below to get started.

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